Identity Theft Protection for Medical Offices

Identity theft is a problem that is widespread.  Here are some of the key points for protecting you and your office.

Protect youre personal information
Shred documents instead of discarding them.  Be sure you know the identity and purpose of any person
are interacting with before providing any personal information.

Avoid Using your Social Security Number
Try to use an alternative customer number instead of your social security number with any company you interact with.

Monitor your Financial Statements
Promtly read any account statement or bsuiness correspondence you receive.  Make certain that there are no changes or transactions you did not cause.  Under commercial law, you have a limited period of time to respond to incorrect transactions.  Late bills or late statements should cause concern.  It is a good idea to monitor credit card activity through your online access to check for tranbsactions you did not initiate.  It is also a good idea to check your credit report at least once a year.  This is usually available for U.S. residents free of charge on an annual basis.  You can request your credir report at

Signs of Identity Theft
– Unauthorized charges on your credit card account or unauthorized withdrawals.
– Failing to receive credit cards, billing statements, account statements.
– Denial of credit for no apparent reason.
– Calls or letters about services or items you did not purchase.

Prompt Action
Act quickly if you suspect identity theft.  Consider the following to protect your interests:
– Review your credit reports as ofetn as necessary.
– Place a fraud alert on your account when you suspect wringful use of your information.
– Close any accounts that have fraudulent activity.
– File a report with your loacl police department.
– File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Identity theft is a common and damaging form of fraud.  Consider some of these suggestions to protect you and your office.

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