Medical Board of California Terminology for Disciplinary Language and Actions

The Medical Board of California occasionally publishes a listing of terminology for disciplinary language and actions.  The following is a summary of their explanations.

“Effective date of decision” – Example: “February 15, 2011” at the bottom of the summary means the date the disciplinary decision goes into operation.

“Gross negligence” – An extreme deviation from the standard of practice.

“Incompetence” – Lack of knowledge or skills in discharging professional obligations.

“Judicial review pending” – The disciplinary decision is being challenged through the court system, i.e. Superior Court, Court of Appeal, or State Supreme Court.  The discipline is currently in effect.

“Probationary License” – A conditional license issued to an applicant on probationary terms and conditions.  This is done when good cause exists for denial of the license application.

“Public Letter of Reprimand” – A lesser form of discipline that can be negotiated for minor violatuions, usually before the filing of formal charges (Accusations).  The license is disciplined in the form of a public letter.

“Revoked”- The license is canceled. voided, annuled, rescinded.  The right to practice is ended.

“Revoked, stayed, five years probation on terms and conditions, including 60 days suspension”-“Stayed” means the revocation is postponed. Professional practice may continue so long as the licensee complies with specified probationary terms and conditions, which, in this example, includes 60 days of actual suspension from practice.  Violation of probation may result in the revocation that was postponed.”

“Stipulated Decision”- A form of plea bargainig.  The case is formally negotiated and settled prior to trial.

“Surrender”-To resolve a disciplinary action, the licensee has given up his or her license – subject to acceptance by the Medical Board of California.

“Suspension from practice”-The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specifc period of time.

The listings for Medical Board of California terminology for disciplinary language and actions need to be reviewed for changes and updates.

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