Dealing with Eye Injuries

Dealing With Eye Injuries.

Author: Mark Hudson

Your eyes are extremely sensitive parts of your body and an injury to them is not something you could put a plaster on and forget. Eye injuries require intervention by a qualified doctor, this is not the time for home remedies and do-it-yourself doctoring.

The first you need to understand is that rubbing the eye will make things worse. IF you feel like there’s something in your eye, avoid the temptation to rub. If the injury appears severe or is accompanied by bleeding your best bet is to not touch it repeatedly and go straight to a doctor.

Usually eye injuries happen because of a foreign object getting lodged inside the eye. If this object can be seen floating in the white part of the eye or caught under your eye lids then you can try and remove it lightly with your fingers. However, you need to be careful about not letting the object scratch the surface of your eye. Also, don’t attempt this if you have long nails or unclean fingers. If you can’t see this object but can still feel the irritation, it’s probably lodged in your pupil or iris. At that point fingering around is the worst thing you can do. Hold your eye open and ask someone to blow air at it in a quick burst. This usually dislodges whatever is in the eye.

However, if you find that the object in your eye is causing you immense pain or pricking sensation, or if you have reason to believe that it is a glass splinter don’t attempt to remove it with your fingers or by blinking or blowing. Place a gauze over your eye to leave it open and rush immediately to a doctor. This same principle holds good when you’ve got some chemical in your eye. Do not rub or blink often. Rinse with water and see a doctor immediately.     

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