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Ocular expert witness testimony

Curriculum Vitae

Michael Reynard, M.D. 1301 – 20th Street #260 Santa Monica, CA 90404 310-453-0551 BIOGRAPHICAL Citizenship: U.S.A. EDUCATION AND TRAINING Stanford University                                        B.S.                               1974 Columbia University                                       M.D.                              1978 UCLA-Harbor Medical Center                      Medicine                          1979 University of Southern California                  … Continue reading

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Eye Expert Testimony for an Administrative Hearing

Eye experts are often requested to testify at administrative hearings that are adjudicated by an administrative law judge.  Administrative hearings are similar to other types of legal proceedings except for two important distinctions.  First, what is at issue in these … Continue reading

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Florida Eye Expert Witness

Eye expert witnesses who have qualified for expert witness certification in the past are often chosen to serve as qualified expert witnesses in Florida. A board-certified ophthalmologist who serves as an eye expert witnesses is often called on to review care provided by other physicians or evaluate ocular injury inflicted through industrial or motor vehicle accidents. Continue reading

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Ophthalmology Expert Witness Services

Dr. Michael Reynard provides ophthalmology expert witness services on a variety of issues in ophthalmology including glaucoma, cataract, retina disorders, ocular trauma, and corneal injury. Continue reading

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Seeking Expert Ophthalmology Testimony

Professionals for industry applications and legal matters seek expert ophthalmology testimony for a variety of reasons. Qualified ophthalmology expert witnesses can be obtained through a variety of sources that include trade journals, professional organizations, and seakexpert directories. Experts qualified to provide expert ophthalmology testimony may be helpful for understanding a case and formulating appropriate strategies. Continue reading

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