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Eye expert witness testimony for ocular surgery.

Retinal Complications of Cataract Surgery

Unintended events sometimes happen during cataract surgery that may be reviewed by an eye expert witness. Some complications are benign and resolve within a few days to a few weeks. However, serious complications, particularly those that impact the retina, can endanger vision and significantly affect the final permanent outcome. The way a surgeon handles intraoperative complications can appreciably influence the final results of cataract surgery. Continue reading

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PDR™ for Pupil Expansion

Devices that expand the size of the pupil are indispensable in surgical cases requiring a dilated pupil.  A dilated pupil allows for a capsulorrhexis that has an adequately sized opening and an enhanced opening of the pupil facilitates the safety … Continue reading

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Expert Witness for Phakic Intraocular Lenses

The increased popularity of intraocular contact lenses (ICL) has brought into focus the need for expert witness consultation when problems develop with this form of refractive technology. Continue reading

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Malpractice in Cataract Surgery with Retained Lens Fragments

Malpractice in cataract surgery with retained lens fragments is often dependent on the circumstances for this complication. The manner in which it was treated, the timing of referral, and type of treatment are important considerations. Expert ophthalmology evaluation and testimony is often needed to analyze issues of liability in cases of cataract surgery complicated by retained lens fragments. Continue reading

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Forensic Ophthalmology Expert for Retained Lens Fragments

Although cataract surgery is considered safe and effective when performed properly for an appropriate candidate, complications can occur in the absence of negligence. A review of specific cases by a qualified forensic ophthalmology expert may assess allegations of negligence and damages. Continue reading

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